One could say that this site is my own version of emancipation.

There’s something freeing about writing my experiences and my thoughts. Transferring it from my mind and heart, onto paper.

I hope that my words serve as some form of freedom for you, the reader. There’s peace that comes with solidarity. Connecting with someone because of something you share in common, something heartfelt.

I am a black, African, Christian woman under the age of 30. Still navigating my 20s. Weathering life’s experiences and healing from the wounds that came with adolescence.

I learn more about myself with every day that passes.

This blog speaks about my experiences.

Being black.

Being African – Zimbabwean, to be exact.

Being a woman.

Being a Christian.

Being a black, African, Christian woman in this 21st Century world.

This is my contribution to creating more spaces for women like me, and women who aren’t like me. We share a connection somewhere along the lines.

There are things I will write about that you will love.

There will also be things that may make you uncomfortable…angry, maybe. It isn’t intentional – sometimes it might be

But I have come to realize that differences are known to evoke a variety of emotions.

I am not here to please anyone. Just here to write. To share.

Hopefully, you learn something.

The purpose of this blog, really, is to let you know that you aren’t alone. My prayer continues to be that anyone who comes across this site will find a piece that they connect with. Something that shows them, “Hey, someone out there gets you.”

This is also a space for me to share parts of me. Parts of my life, in hopes that it inspires you to do something good. Something meaningful.

If you’ve come this far, thank you. I hope you stick around for a while 🙂